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Invaders World Tour


“The game is a really well-done Space Invaders clone, with colorful graphics, an interesting tilt-to-move mechanic, and power-ups to help you take out the invading menace.” – TUAW

10/10 “Invaders World Tour Successfully Recreates the Retro Game” – The iPhone App Review

“Invaders World Tour stays true to the feel of the retro arcade classic, and yet manages to put its own spin on things. It is totally worth the $0.99 price tag it comes with, and also worth every minute we spend playing it.” – iPhoneFootprint


This is a fast and furious retro arcade game played over 60 levels set across twelve countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, India, Japan, Singapore, China and Vietnam).

The objective is simple …

Destroy as many Swoopers, Saucers, Kamikazes, Crawlers and Packers whilst protecting your ship and shields as you strive to save country after country. Collect powerups to upgrade your ship, weapons and defence system – you’ll going to need them!

Can you save the World?

Game Instructions:
– Tilt to move.
– Tap to fire.
– Collect power ups to survive – shoot the energy ball dropped by the saucer when it has been destroyed.
– Shake to unjam your gun.



– Featured in Apple’s New & Noteworthy!
– Winner of Applied Arts Magazine Award for Game Design!

Optia isn’t your typical lasers-and-mirrors puzzle game. You decide when, and how many times, to fire the laser – and you’re not stuck with the same old mirrors! Reflect a beam back through a one-way mirror, split it in two (or four, or eight!) – and if you have to, sacrifice a mirror to clear a path to that last target.

With an elegant interface, intuitive gameplay, and gorgeous graphics, Optia’s 100 levels will keep you thinking for a long time.



Math is beautiful.

Tumult is art that evolves and comes to life at your finger tips. It’s an instrument to play music for eyes. Discover chords, put on a show, explore and experiment with different types and sequences of touches to internalize how it works. With a little practice, you’ll have a surprising amount of control over the chaotic light as it dances.

Configurable Options:
-Neon Color Cycle
-Line Trails / Dot Mode

Play any song in the background via the device’s iPod functionality – just start the song before opening Tumult. Or, experiment with it in silence, orchestrating the visuals based on your internal rhythm.

Try one finger tapping, quick drags, rolling the finger tip slightly horizontally or vertically, holding or moving multiple fingers at once, alternating tap locations… Its sensitivity is the source of its power and flexibility.

This same download supports iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The original version of Tumult came about in May 2008 as part of my 219 daily experimental gameplay projects, as seen at

YouTube demo video:

“It looks really cool.”
-Jen B.

“Dude, Tumult looks awesome!”
-Spencer King F.

“Tumult iPad = day one purchase, looks cool (and cheap!)”
-Alex W.

-Toshi the cat of

-Pablo-Alejandro Q.


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