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“Disney is known for its iconic characters and legendary films so no wonder that Breakspin comes off as a highly polished, playable game. A brick breaker variant, this game looks and sounds extremely well put together incorporating beautiful visuals and a terrific array of music.”

“…Overall, Breakspin is an awesome game that packs originality, powerful graphics, and a unique control scheme that is guaranteed to offer hours of entertainment for all ages.”

“Overall Breakspin is a pretty awesome game. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay can get addicting…”

In a new twist on classic gameplay, BREAKSPIN delivers 360 degrees of action as you battle energy fields with super-charged paddles around a circular field of specialized gems. Your goal is to destroy all the gems. Unleash cosmic creatures, collect bonuses and challenge friends in this explosive game of skill!


BREAKSPIN is loaded with features:

• Compare and rank your progress on network leaderboards

• Explore dozens of unique levels, each with a different theme and size

• Unlock 50 achievements as a reward for your excellence

• Create buddy lists to track friends

• Discover creatures, some friendly like the Helper — some hostile like the Thief

• Collect cool bonuses like the Mega Ball, Halo and Plasma Burn

• Activate Biohazard abilities such as Time Bomb, Energy Shield and Sonic Boom

• Play against your friends with Bluetooth Multiplayer

• Now includes a Level Editor where you can create your own challenge!


BREAKSPIN’S energized gameplay is fueled by spectacular graphics and cool music. You also have the power to play your iTunes® library in the game. With so much to offer, put BREAKSPIN at the top of your gaming playlist!


Chain Link Pro

♦♣ Featured under Apple’s “Hot New Games”, “What’s Hot” and “New and Noteworthy” sections in iTunes ♣ iPad version also available ♣♦ Create long chains in this high adrenaline touch and drag action game. Contains four unique game modes that offers four different gaming experiences for one low price!

With no complex controls to learn or buttons to press, CHAIN LINK PRO only requires one finger to play. Touch and drag an assortment of shapes across the screen to chain them with other similar shapes and send them into the pulsating vortex to score. The longer the chain the more points awarded but long chains risk colliding with foreign shapes which will destroy the chain and potentially end the game. With four degrees of difficulty, players of any age can enjoy this game.

There are 17 power-ups a chain can collect on contact to ensure survivability and maximize points, ranging from miniature chains to multi-colored chains to metamorphosis to chain invincibility.

• Hyper Chain – Score as high as possible in 60 seconds. Contains faster spawning power-ups and multiplier awards. This is super addicting, make sure you check it out first!
• Timed game mode – Race against the clock to earn enough points to add additional play time. Collisions subtract points but don’t end the game.
• Arcade game mode – Shapes fly across the screen and any collision will end the game. Offers leisurely play with no time limits.
• Static game mode – Shapes are created on a static grid and don’t move. Clear the screen by chaining around the maze of other colorful shapes without getting too close. This mode gives the player three lives so one mistake won’t end the game.

Competitive nature is built into the game! Send in-game challenges to your friends. Winning results can be posted to facebook and twitter to gloat to your friends. You also get real time notices as you beat high scores and climb the ranks of the global leaderboards that can optionally be posted to facebook and twitter. Plus over 40 leader boards and 30 achievements.

Earn and complete quests for extra points and unlock new power-ups.

There are three ways to earn additional points:

• Speedster – Make a chain fast. The first one is a 2x bonus but if you do more speed chains within a short period of time then the multiplier increases.
• Repeater – Score repeated times with the same type of chain.
• Traveler – You can also try an optional flick to send the chain flying towards the vortex for extra points. The further away you are from the vortex when you flick, the higher the score.

The chain will react based on how fast or slow you move your finger. Optimized for performance to run smoothly on both older and newer devices.


• Offers easy, medium and hard degrees of difficulty! A special hardcore mode is offered for players who have mastered the art of chaining.

• A rich 3D sound experience when using headphones.

• High production value with beautiful graphics, advanced particle effects and fluid chain movement.

• Optimized for performance to run smoothly on both older and newer devices.

• Designed exclusively to take advantage of touch screen devices so controlling the game feels natural.

• Rock out to your own music from your media library as you play.

• Save and restore your game at any time.


Sharp Mind

Advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment featuring 11 Programs in One App to take your mind to optimized states of consciousness ideal for problem solving, memory retention and recall, creative and lateral thinking, confidence building and learning. Sharp Mind also includes the Optimized Thinking programs to fine tune your mental state for creative, lateral, deductive and convergent thinking.

Brainwave Sharp Mind is unlike any other brainwave entrainment application. Other brainwave and binaural beat applications use only a single brainwave frequency and carrier signal. The Sharp Mind Progressive Brainwave Entrainment algorithms uses a series of brainwave programs, multiple frequencies and carrier waves to gently bring your brainwave frequencies to your desired state using a more natural and effective frequency progression.

*** Advanced Features ***

– Multiple Brainwave programs each specially designed to elevate you to a unique mental state.

– Multiple ambient background sounds to choose from.

– Adjustable Brainwave Intensity – The intensity of the brainwaves can be adjusted independently of the ambient background sound. This allows you to set the brainwave volume to your comfort level. The application will also save your preference for future use.

– Adjustable ambient background volume.

– Visual timer countdown indicator.

– Automatic saving of preferred brainwave entrainment program and ambient background sounds.

– Ability to create your own custom time option.

*** Programs Included ***

– Brain Energizer: Takes you through a series of brainwave programs and progressively elevates your level of alertness.

– Concentration Boost: Designed to put your mind into the ultimate state of focus and concentration. Ideal when you need to block out surrounding distractions and study.

– Brainstorming: A series of brainwave programs that elevates your mind to a state of open-mindedness and creativity. Perfect for when you’re stuck on a problem or are having difficulty coming up with an idea. Sit back and plug into this program to completely open your mind.

– Problem Solving: The ultimate combination of focus and creativity achieved through a series of brainwave programs and frequency mixes.

– Memory Boost: This program was designed to be used whenever you feel like taking a break and letting what you’ve just learned sink in. This will help you maximize memory recall.

– Confidence Boost: Designed to be taken before a test or presentation. The other programs help you prepare, solve problems, come up with ideas and remember what you’ve learned. This one gives you that final boost of confidence to help you bring it all together and perform at your best.

Sharp Mind also includes the Thinking Series:

– Creative Thinking
– Lateral Thinking
– Convergent Thinking
– Deductive Thinking
– Centered Mind

These programs are perfect when preparing for tests such as the SAT to maximize focus and memory retention. If you’re preparing for a test or exam or working on a challenging project then Sharp Mind is the right app for you.

Warning: These are powerful brainwave entrainment programs and should never be used while driving or operating machinery.

If you have any prior medical conditions such as seizures consult a physician before using any binaural brainwave application.



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