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Blast Off

Blast Off is an interstellar arcade game featuring gravity fields, lost astronauts and bizarre planetary systems.

Use your rocket ship to rescue astronauts and carry them through the warpgate to safety.

But be careful! The ever-present force of gravity can help you on your journey, but can also bring you crashing down.

Each planet and celestial body within a level has a gravity effect which must be accounted for. This gravity must be used to the player’s advantage in combination with rocket boost power and directional control.

Various hazards must be avoided, and if the ship crashes into an object the mission fails.

– 45 missions across four difficulty settings.

– Planets and Asteroids will have gravity and attract the ship, allowing players to float around the level.

– Black Holes will attract the ship with even more ferocity.

– White Holes have a reverse gravity field, pushing the ship away.

– Mission success is ranked on several factors: remaining fuel, remaining air, astronauts collected.

– Awarded Silver, Gold or Brick medals based on final mission outcome.

Good luck and Blast Off!


Mental Blocks

If you like Collapse!® and reMovem, and you’re ready for some mind bending brain melting fun, then you’ll love MENTAL BLOCKS®! From Skyworks®, creators of hit iPhone/iPod touch games ARCADE BOWLING™ and ARCADE HOOPS BASKETBALL™ comes a puzzle game so addictive you’ll never want to put it down!

The object of MENTAL BLOCKS is simple; score as many points as you can by clearing all of the colored blocks from the playing grid. In order to remove a block, a matching block of the same color must be along side it. Group as many blocks of the same color together for the best strategy to maximize your score!

Each layout is randomly generated, so you’ll be able to play an unlimited number of levels! Each time the grid is successfully cleared you’ll advance to the next level. As you progress to higher levels, more and more blocks of additional colors will be added.

For every 500 points you score you’ll receive a bonus block. You can use your bonus blocks to help clear the board when you can’t find anymore groups of the same color!


– SPECIAL BLOCKS – Each level introduces special blocks to help you throughout the game!
– BONUS BLOCKS – Accumulate bonus points by removing 10 or more blocks at a time!
– UNLIMITED LEVELS – Unique levels with no repeating patterns!
– GLOBAL HIGH SCORE BOARDS – Compete against players around the world!

If you’re “mental” for MENTAL BLOCKS, try POKER MATCHUP™ and other hit titles from Skyworks, including ARCADE HOOPS BASKETBALL, ARCADE QB PASS ATTACK™, and 3 POINT HOOPS®. Just search for “Skyworks” in the App Store search bar, find your favorite games, and have fun!!!

Look for more new games from Skyworks COMING SOON!



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