FAIL – I Dropped My iPhone in The Toilet! (plus today’s free apps)

Well … it’s true … yesterday I dropped my iPhone in the toilet, and it
got completely submerged in water… 😦

Good news though … it’s still working perfectly. I put in in some
rice overnight, and it seemed to restore everything back to normal.

(I’ll share exactly what I did to fix it if anyone is interested sometime).

As for today’s free apps:…

The apps are:

Hedgehog Launch
Iris Photo Suite
Lambi Islands
iShvee LT

Be sure to grab the apps today while they’re still free:…

Have an awesome day, and be sure to keep your iPhone away
from the toilet … 😉

Talk soon,


This video belongs to UniqueApps I did not record this video I just help spread the word.



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