Medical Fund for D.A.D.


 My name is Lynnette Deleon, I am 18 years old and have been fighting type one diabetes since 2005. My body has been having a hard time recognizing when my sugars are low (causes seizures, passing out and other complications), and when my sugars are high (passing out, diabetic coma and death). I am only 18 years old and already am facing many complications because my body is somewhat resistant to my medication. My kidneys are at risk of failing, my vision is not very good, I live with high cholesterol, depression and anxiety.

Recently, I have found new hope: a diabetic alert dog. This dog will not only help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, but will be trained to detect chemical changes in my body leading to danger. The dog will recognize when I am about to have a seizure, have a high blood sugar or a low blood sugar, then alert me right away to act promptly. The dog will also be trained to alert others when there is an emergency, and will be considered a service dog so he can accompany me 24/7.

Yes, it will help me tremendously, but it is very costly. The average D.A.D. costs between $18-20 thousand dollars, plus medical expenses and supplies. Thankfully I have come across an amazing organization where their dogs start at $1200. The price WILL change due to my specifications and training for the dog, plus its supplies. I would also need to pay for a plane ticket, food and hotel for my mother and I to go meet this wonderful pup in North Carolina for a week in order to train it to react to my scents.

Any contributions will solely go to getting a D.A.D. I am grateful for any donations big or small, and every dollar will make a difference in my health and happiness. If you have any questions feel free to inbox or email me.

Thank you for your time,
Lynnette Deleon



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